Design Thinking Services

With Design Thinking Services, we will show you how to realize increased business agility and efficiency by bringing together processes your team needs.

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How it works?

  • We conduct a design thinking workshop at your organization 
  • Our analysts finds the pain-points of users/customers/team members for a particular app/product
  • We envision workflows/user journeys for users of the product for better outcomes
  • Increase of 20% in user/customer engagement. Thus, resulting in better ROI.

Steps of Design Thinking

A Walk-through of steps of design thinking methodologies

Stage 1 – Empathy

Our analysts sit together with actual business users of product in order to understand their concerns. 

Stage 2 – Define

We then define the scope of improvement by narrowing down the use cases.

Stage 3 – Ideate/Envision

We envision the whole new user journeys, dashboards, analytics, KPIs in order to capture all business users inputs from empathy phase.

Stage 4 – Prototype

We create prototypes of the envisioned flows. The prototypes can be in a form of user flow diagram represented in a document, PPT or other illustrative file formats.

Stage 5 – Test and Implement 

We test by implementing some of the features from Stage 4 in the live environment in order capture users feedback.

Shall we conduct a Design Thinking Workshop for your organization ?

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